GIORGIO® provides sugar packaging bags which are made from good quality and hygienic materials. Our sugar packages protect the sugar from any kind of contamination, odor, ants, oxygen and moisture and always ensure that the sugar can stay pristine and sweet. Our fancy sugar sticks for your special guests, at home, in the office or at yor coffe shop. Sweet!


    Made in italy by CASOLAB S.R.L. and exclusively distribuited by FACECUP FOOD & BEVERAGE S.P.C. CR: 102108-1 BAHRAIN

    100 SUGAR CANE STICKS - 2.000 BHD


      100 GIORgio® single serve fancy sugar sticks. Each sugar bag, white or brown, contains 4g of the finest selected sugar available in the market. You can get also a mixed box just selectin the amount of each product from the menu.