Coffee of the highest order, coffee that delights: this is our mission, passion and obsession. There is a taste, a feel, an aroma that is velvety, immediately sweet, delicately balancing floral and fruity notes with caramel, toast and chocolate, naturally fragrant with aromas of almond and honey. You just might hold the sugar, for the very first time.This is balance that comes only from a blend: the singular FACECUP™ blend of four highest-order Arabica beans and one Robusta. In the cup, the blend becomes a symphony: rich, full, multi-faceted, yet subtle, comprised of immensely talented soloists, each coaxed to their finest performance under the hand of an expert conductor.



Made in italy by CASOLAB S.R.L. and exclusively distribuited by FACECUP FOOD & BEVERAGE S.P.C. CR: 102108-1 BAHRAIN



    - Arabica 80% Robusta 20% 
    - Roasting level: High 
    - Caffeine level: High
    - Beans Origin: Ethiopia Robusta / South America Arabica
    - Packaging printed with eco ink
    - 1 Kg top quality coffee beans

    - Please Recycle




    Ethiopian ROBUSTA knows how to seduce, with light floral hints of jasmine, fruity notes of peak-of-ripeness melon and a full range of citrus.  Remarkable for its deft, delicate balance of bitter and sweet.

    Brazilian Arabica, a potent coffee. Sweet, but with a bitter acidity. Its rich body makes it the perfect base for any espresso. Trained palates will recognize hints of toast, caramel, and chocolate. This full-bodied coffee offers a truly tactile pleasure to the taste buds.